Apart from being a high quality car care service...


Dave's Auto Detailing

Apart from being a high quality car care service, Dave's Auto detailing also offers a wide range of services that will help you make your car one of a kind. As with our car care services we extend the same high standard of workmanship to our window tinting, in car entertainment, alarm system, and remote car starter installations. Nothing is cut back on; we are only interested in bringing you and your car the best.
With the best products on the market we will bring your car back to the sparkle and shine that it should be. We have different packages to suit both your pocket and your requirements. Whichever package you feel is right for you, we will look after your car as if it was our own. Walk away with a Smile

Auto Start & Alarm System

Your vehicle is an exceptionally valuable investment. CompuStar alarms and remote starts have multiple features to help protect your investment. Also offering a GPS tracking system (Computrack) that ta..

Window Tinting

To ensure lasting quality, all window films are professionally installed by highly trained technicians. Using proprietary of Many Type and High Quality and different/brands of window films all is ..

Sell Stereo System

Dave's Auto Detailing is the trusted source for expert car stereo reviews, advice, and more, since 1988. Full list of JL Audio articles...


"Ron Cogan 11/15/13 to me Dear Dave: I was just into your shop this past week after visiting several other shops regarding my remote car starter. In each case they said I would need a new starter. I felt that this would be my last shot. Paul was at the desk when I arrived and explained to him what the situation was. He immediately came out to my car and in seconds, and I mean seconds resolved the problem, it was left on valet mode. Not one of these other companies took the time to even come out to my car. I had to purchase winter rims for my car and as a result of how he took care of me I purchased my rims from your company. It is wonderful to have some one in today's world that cares and is honest ! Thank you. Please feel free to use this on your website. Regards, Ron."
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